Bursa Beige marble

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Below you can find two of the most common types of Bursa Beige marble available in the market.

Bursa Beige marble options

Bursa Beige Dark

Bursa Beige Classic


The Bursa Beige is a dark beige coloured marble, with fine grain and uniform background. It may present some occasional darker lines throughout the stone. | Description

Recommended Use

It is common to find applications of the Bursa Beige on exterior cladding, interior and exterior flooring, as well as interior decoration, or bath design. | Applications

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Which finishing for the Bursa Beige marble?

The Bursa Beige is a dark beige coloured marble that due to its hardness can accept an interesting range of finishings. Some of these finishings that we most recommend are polished, honed, tumbled.

Bursa Beige project applications

The Bursa Beige is a type of marble that presents a fairly uniform dark beige coloured background and accepts very well the polished finishing. These characteristics make the Bursa Beige a suitable marble to be used on certain applications.